Over 20 years of experience, on both sides of the industry.

We've been there—both as designers and as product testers. We know firsthand about the frustration that you endure while developing your ideas. From limited communication to complicated, unclear reports, it's amazing that your products ever make it to the shelves. The testing process shouldn't be another obstacle. It should be an integral and simple part of your development process.

That's why we've come up with a better way of doing business

We are a non-biased and independent product testing company that focuses strictly on consumer products. Insight Laboratories offers fast and accurate testing along with high quality customer service and intelligent product analysis.

We are committed to being comprehensive and responsive by:

  • Quickly delivering standards-based, quality test results
  • Providing high-quality personal customer service
  • Sharing insight that improves your products AND your business

You can rest assured we use the latest consumer product testing technology, safety testing equipment, and testing techniques in our state-of-the-art labs. We'll help you comply with all safety regulations and industry standards and perform all forms product testing.

At Insight Labs we perform inspection through all phases of production to identify potential product defects and prevent costly recalls. Plus, we'll assess your product for risks associated with unintended usage. We even work directly with your vendors and manufacturers to provide essential education on safety developments and changes to standards.

Our expertise extends to international standards too, including ASTM, HR4040, CFR, EN-71, CHPA, ISO and more. We can even design custom testing programs to suit your specific needs.