We get to work early, and stick with you throughout the testing process.

You deserve someone who's as dedicated to your success—and the success of your product—as you are. Insight Labs is that partner.

We offer complete transparency and collaboration throughout the testing process—and as early as you'd like us to be involved. Essentially, the best time to begin working with us is as soon as you have an idea!

Step 1: A FREE Consultation

Before you begin working with us, you'll want to see how we compare to other testing companies and if we're the right fit for your business. This consultation is absolutely free—and with zero obligation or pressure. (We've even created a Checklist to help you compare us to the competition.) If we do business together, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will serve as your point person for as long as you're a client.

Step 2: Early Advice Call

Once you have an idea in place, simply give your account manager a call. He or she will go over some preliminary questions with you, and our experts will review your concepts. Not only will we let you know about potential safety considerations, we can offer additional improvements and advice that can make your product more successful. Our Early Advice Call lets you make changes before testing begins, which will save you time and money.

Step 3: Submit a Test Quote Request

Now that you have a prototype to test, it's time to let us know what tests you'll need. Our Test Quote Request form makes it easy—just indicate where you want to sell your product and any specific testing requests, including your testing deadlines. Don't know exactly which tests you need? No problem. Your account manager is just a phone call away and ready to help. You'll need to send one sample to our lab so we can complete your custom quote.

Step 4: Review & Approve the Quote and Submit Your Samples

Our Test Quotes include detailed cost breakdowns ready for your approval. They also include instructions you can send to the vendors who are manufacturing elements of your products. If you have several vendors or work with several factories, we create one instruction sheet for each one. The instructions include the number of samples of each product element to send, and a printable address label to make it easy to get the samples out the door and on the way to our laboratory.

Step 5: Email updates and Instant Insight Reports

During the testing process, we'll continue to be in touch should any issues arise—and even if they don't—so you know what's going on. You'll hear from us when we receive the samples. As soon as the testing is completed, we will send you an Instant Insight Report to summarize the results.

...But What if Something Fails?

The true value of a Testing Partner becomes obvious when something fails. If your prototype fails any safety test, our team gets to work right away to understand what's causing the problem and come up with recommendations to rectify it—the very same day that the failure arises. We'll schedule a Solution Session to put you in touch with our experts and help you update your prototype for re-submission.

Step 6: Final Certification Report and Recommendations

You've passed the tests and your product is cleared for final production and distribution! We'll send you a final Certification Report that's clear and easy-to-read, so you can be confident that the children who enjoy your toys will be safe. We'll also store your Certification Reports in your own secure online folder so you always have access to them.