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New Version of EN71-1

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

EN71-1  has been released. The majority of changes are editorial ones. The only real technical change is with respect to clause 5.4 e) Toys with self-retracting cords. Such cords are not allowed to retract under the specified testing conditions. The revised standard makes it clear that such cords are permitted to retract by a maximum of 6 mm. Previously, no distance was specified.

New EN71-1 Standard Published

Monday, June 27th, 2011

The new Toy Safety Directive for Europe goes into effect July 20, 2011. New provisions under this directive have been included in the newly released version of EN71-1 (physical and mechanical standards for toys). Several changes from the previous version of EN71-1 exist in the areas of soft-filled toys, mouth-actuated toys, cords on toys, hemispheric and cylindrical packaging, inflatable toys, and warnings.

In the area of warnings, in particular, the new version requires that they must be visible to the consumer at the time of purchase. The applies to online and catalog sales in addition to point of purchase sales. A warning label must be preceded by the word “Warning.” This must be done even if the graphical symbol for warning is already being used. For more detailed information about the above mentioned changes to the EN71-1 standard, please contact us at