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Vietnam’s New Toy Safety Regulation – Effective April 2010

Friday, April 16th, 2010

The National Technical Regulation on Toy Safety, which defines the standards that toys must meet in order to be sold in the Vietnam market, has been published to help minimize health and safety risks to children while playing with toys.
The new regulation includes requirements for test methods for materials and other substances contained in toys (such as liquids), as well as for the quality management for the domestic production, importing and circulation of toys in the marketplace. The regulation becomes effective April 2010.
Under the new regulation, toys must meet all technical requirements: physical and mechanical, flammability, electrical, labeling and chemical requirements, especially related to the limits for toxic organic chemical compounds.
For children under three years old, cloth or paper toys must contain less than 30 mg/kg of formaldehyde and for wooden toys, the level must fall under 80 mg/kg. A toy containing liquid must have a pH level between 3 and 10.
All toys must pass testing before being placed on the market and if they meet all standards, a conformity mark will be affixed to the product which will help authorities and customs officers determine which toys are safe to be sold.