We're proud to be different from other testing companies.

The biggest difference? We only test consumer products. That means we're completely focused, have the expertise you need, and have the depth and breadth of knowledge of all industry standards.

Most consumer product testing companies deal with a wide range of products and don't have the depth or experience to truly help YOUR business. Not only are they spread too thin to provide you with high-quality service, it's tougher for them to keep up with new technologies and testing demands unique to your products.

Our team combines the best of testing expertise and common sense judgment. Everyone here is dedicated to collaborating with you throughout the process and is trained in the newest testing technology and techniques.

With Insight Labs, you get:

  • A dedicated team that provides the best product testing and expertise available.
  • An account manager, who can give you assistance and information about the progress of your tests.
  • A preliminary consultation before you begin prototyping and production. We provide a review of potential visible problems with your design, like small parts, warning label size and sharp points. You're not charged for a full test before your product is really ready to be tested.
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports detailing our work, with explanations and suggestions when we see opportunities for improvement.

Easy-to-read reports are truly unique in this business.

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